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Topics 2016-2017

Graduate ceremony was conducted for undergrad students. See "Events" for more information.
オタワ大学との共同研究がPhysiological Reportsに掲載されました.
Below study was accepted in Physiological Reports.
Amano T, Fujii N, Louie JC, Meade RD, and Kenny GP. Individual variations in nitric oxide synthase-dependent sweating in young and older males during exercise in the heat: role of aerobic power. Physiol Report, published online.
Final presentation was held for their bachelor's degree. See "Event" for details.
学術振興会外国人特別研究員(神戸大学)のDr Nicola Gerrett が研究室に来ました.詳細はEvent をご覧ください.
Dr. Gerrett visited the lab. See Event for details.
オタワ大学(カナダ)との共同研究がAmerican Journal of Physiology Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology に受理されました.
Below study was accepted in American Journal of Physiology Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology.


Fujii N, Amano T, Halili L, Louie J, Zhang S, McNeely B, and Kenny GP. Intradermal administration of endothelin-1 attenuates endothelium-dependent and -independent cutaneous vasodilation via Rho kinase in young adults. American Journal of Physiology Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, in press.

大阪国際大学,神戸大学との共同研究がExperimental Physiology に受理されました.
Below study was accepted in Experimental Physiology.
Amano T, Kai S, Nakajima M, Ichinose-Kuwahara T, Gerrett N, Kondo N, and Inoue Y. Sweating responses to isometric handgrip exercise and forearm muscle metaboreflex in prepubertal children and elderly. Experimental Physiology, in press.
神戸芸術工科大学,神戸大学,その他海外の大学との共同研究がPhysiological Reports に受理されました.
Below study was accepted in Physiological Reports.
Okushima D, Poole DC, Barstow TJ, Rossiter HB, Kondo N, Bowen TS, Amano T, and Koga S. Greater VO2peak is correlated with greater skeletal muscle deoxygenation amplitude and hemoglobin concentration within individuals muscles during ramp-incremental cycle exercise. Physiological Reports, in press.
I participated an annual domestic conference for sports medicine at Morioka, Iwate. Hopefully will join with my students in the near future!
Title: Influence of mental stresses on sweating and cutaneous vascular responses during activation of forearm muscle metaboreceptors.
神戸でポスドクをしていた時の研究がJournal of Thermal Biologyにアクセプトされました.セカンドオーサーの石飛君が行った卒業研究になります.新潟でも,国際誌に発表できるレベルの卒論指導を目標にしたいと思います.
The below study is accepted in Journal of Thermal Biology. This study was done in Kobe with Mr Ishitobi (graduate thesis).
Amano T, Ishitobi M, Ogura Y, Inoue Y, Koga S, Nishiyasu T, and Kondo N. Effect of stride frequency on thermoregulatory responses during endurance running in distance runners. Journal of Thermal Biology, accepted.

中身はまだ充実しておりませんが, HPを開設しました.徐々に情報を増やしていこうと思います.
This website has started while it is still constructing.
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