Lectures for Exercise and Environmental Physiology


We sometimes have lectures for exercise and environmental physiology as well as physical education. We aimed to develop our understandings of these research topics and to find new integrative insights into our original education and research. You can see the poster by clicking the name of researcher.

【第11回】2022年6月 June, 2022

講師:Dr Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed

所属:Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

演題:Exploring the influence of ethnic differences in determining the relationship between skin wettedness and thermal discomfort

【第10回】2020年11月 Jan, 2020

講師:Dr Toby Mundel

所属:Massey University, NZ

演題:Towards Tokyo 2020: How can athletes be ready for your Summer Games?

【第9回】2019年11月 Nov, 2019

講師:Dr Richie Goulding

所属:JSPS oversea research fellow, Kobe Design University

演題:Physiological determinants of exercise tolerance in health and disease

【第8回】2019年11月 Nov, 2019

講師:Dr Tze-Huan Lei

所属:JSPS oversea research fellow, Kobe University

演題:How does tropical heat affect endurance performance? Insights into the effect of female reproductive hormones and vapor pressure

【第7回】2019年8月 August, 2019

講師:Dr T. Scott Bowen

所属:University of Leeds, UK

演題:Muscle weakness in health and disease

【第6回】2019年7月 July, 2019

講師:Josh T. Arnold

所属:Loughborough University, UK

演題:Understanding interactions between hypoxia and cold-induced autonomic responses: Current research and experiences as a UK student

【第5回】2019年5月 May, 2019

講師:Dr Joo-Young Lee

所属:Seoul National University, South Korea

演題:Safety and Health in Extreme Environments

【第4回】2019年2月 Feb, 2019

講師:Dr Alex Lloyd

所属:Loughborough University, UK

演題:The role of combined stressors in human performance and physiology

  :Industrial collaborations in environmental physiology and thermoregulation

【第3回】2018年7月 July, 2018

講師:Dr Nicola Gerrett

所属:JSPS oversea research fellow, Kobe University

演題:Study and Research in Sports Science

【第2回】2017年1月 January, 2017

講師:Dr Nicola Gerrett

所属:JSPS oversea research fellow, Kobe University, University of Worcester

演題:Eccrine sweat glands ion reabsorption: the influence of rest and exercise

【第1回】2016年7月 July, 2016

講師:Dr Nicola Gerrett

所属:JSPS oversea research fellow, Kobe University, University of Worcester

演題:Effects of exercise training on thermal/cold perceptions during active and passive heat stress